In the direct surroundings of Molino Mairena there are several hiking routes through mountains, olive groves, woods, valleys and even a ravine.

Of course we can to advice you regarding all these routes.


 Other hiking routes are:

- Montefrio - PR-A246 Arroyo de Los Molinos

  14,5 kilometer - easy

- Montefrio - Encina Inquisición y Fuentes

  19,09 kilometer - average

- Montefrio - Piedras de Los Gitanos

  5,52 kilometer - average

- Route del Gollinzo PR-A84 Moclin-Olivares-Moclin

  10,18 kilometer - average


- Ruta Hiponova Montefrio-Villanueva Mesia-Montyefrio

  45,78 kilometer - average

  Molino Mairena lies along this route.